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How would you feel if Bioshock Infinite was ripped from Ken Levine and his Irrational Game team’s hands only months before it was to be released?  What if the publisher then forced a different developer to throw everything out… the story, the art, the animation, the characters then remake it from scratch?

Do you remember what happened to Bioshock 2?  That was created by a different team and didn’t capture the magic of the original.

Bioshock Infinite Removed

How would Prey 2 suffer in that situation?

There’s a vicious rumor going around that Bethesda is secretly forcing Arkane Studios to scrap Human Head’s Prey 2 and remake it from scratch.  Other rumors suggest Bethesda tried to shop it around to other studios during the past year.  Rebellion Studios turned it down because Bethesda was offering obscenely low funds.  They tried working with Obsidian and failed.  Now we hear they’re making Arkane’s Austin studio ignore everything Human Head’s created and use the Dishonored game engine to make their own version.

Should the successors of the original Prey and creators of Prey 2 have their work secretly taken away?  Over the past year more rumors about Bethesda and the way they’ve treated Human Head as well as other developers has suggested Bethesda and their parent company Zenimax are mistreating the developers they hire.

Bethesda Rumors

Should publishers be allowed to continue damaging the people who create the worlds you love to play?  When there’s been no clear indication there’s a funding problem or competency issue, what else would motivate Bethesda to waste over a year of development time, forbid Human Head to finish the last parts of Prey 2, then scrap it all to make a different developer remake it?  Money obviously isn’t an issue, since having a different team make a new version would cost more time and money.

Prove this rumor is wrong Bethesda!  Break the silence you’ve kept for over a year now about Prey 2‘s fate.  Silence will only imply guilt because a decent publisher would never treat their faithful fans with such disregard.


Credit goes to Jason Schreier on Kotaku for breaking the rumor about Arkane. Take a moment to read his article… it has more information!

The Rebellion rumor comes from a different source we heard several months ago.

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  1. Matt M says:

    What are you talking about Bio 2 improved on Bio 1′s game systems, it may not have “captured the magic” because it was an impossible task retell the same story, but it was great.

    Not to mention Minerva’s den DLC had a character and story arch that surpassed anything Levine has written.

    Arkane made an amazing game, good for them if they are taking on the task of making Prey 2, I’m sure it will be amazing.

  2. Ashk says:

    I’m just happy to see it survived the cancellation. Maybe it goes to shit (which I doubt) but at least the franchise is not dead.

  3. Max says:

    Seems that Prey 2 is going the road of Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonials Marines. Bethesda for some reason wants to make Prey 2 into a new System Shock atleast that’s what I read from Kotaku. If this happens Bethesda will destroy their reputation as a publisher forever. P.S. Elder Scrolls MMO and the new Wolfenstein if it’s bad could also contribute to downfall of Bethesda as we know it.

  4. ghost55 says:

    Hey, Arkane is a fantastic studio, and I’m sure they’ll make a great game. If it’s this or no Prey 2 at all, I’ll take this any day of the week.

  5. Defcon says:


    Bethesda, what THE **** are you DOING??

    I really like the style of Prey 2 and I just want to play THIS GAME and nothing else. It reminds me of Blade Runner and I love it. I don`t want to play a stupid mix of Dishonored, System Shock and Prey. I just want to play Prey 2 NOW !!!!!

  6. Bob says:

    Did you see the game shown at E3 2011? It was a Potemkin village. A fine and exciting concept, but there was no game. Bethesda pulled the plug because Human Head couldn’t make a game. They couldn’t figure out gameplay, story, mechanics of the gadgets, the GUI…it was a total mess and they missed every milestone delivery.

    Arkane, on the other hand, has proven themselves rockstars. They made a great game on time and without issue. So if you all want the promise of what Prey 2 was meant to be, you should be dancing and singing praise of Bethesda.

    • Tyne says:

      Wrong! This has been addressed so many times. Here’s Volition’s Saints Row The Forth scribe, Jason L. Blair, former narrative designer on Prey 2. He tweeted this today.

      “This Prey 2/Arkane rumor is giving new life to a lot of old lies. I’m been quiet about this whole business but can’t stay so anymore. I’ve worked at/with @humanheadgames for years, including different stages of Prey 2 development. I was narrative designer/writer on Prey 2 for the last six months of its development at Human Head. It was a lot more than a demo. Prey 2 was a full game. And a crazy fun one. The team was small but you wouldn’t have known it. What happened to Prey 2, from where I sat, was political. And petty. And potentially litigable. Human Head had a great game. I was heartbroken when Prey 2 went into limbo. Human Head deserved to have that game released. Frankly, they needed it.

      As for Arkane, I’ve enjoyed what I played of Dishonored. They have the chops. If the rumor is true, they’ll likely do well with Prey. But I mourn that Prey 2 won’t belong to Human Head. I mourn that my friends won’t get recognition for what they accomplished. Instead, they get the same old “Prey 2 was never a game” and “It was just a demo” thrown around. Shameful. And completely untrue.”

  7. Tyne says:

    Wow, a lot of blind love for Bethesda’s scummy actions here. Not to be a jerk, but how did this survive cancellation, ASHK? It seems in name only, if the entire concept is being reworked by another studio from scratch.

    I’m sure it’ll be amazing coming a decade after the prequel, by a publisher who’s made one colossal mistake after another. By the sounds of that Kotaku article Arkane sounds really jazzed to be working on it – I’m sure this won’t turn out to be another Rogue Warrior. ‘Cause you know… Arkane and stuff :)