Prey 2 Rap + Petition

March 1st, 2015 at 8:58 pm Comments Off

Dan Bull is known for creating raps about gaming.  Go have an ear full of his latest subject…!

He’s  also created a petition to go along with his chiseled words!

The original Prey was one of my favourite games on the Xbox 360, for so many reasons. It had portals before Portal, it messed with the horizontal and vertical planes so that you felt like an astronaut in a zero G simulator, its protagonist was a likable and believable Native American everyman who is forced to deal with a horrific world he wants nothing to do with. It was visceral (it’s the first game where I can remember things really seeming slimy and shiny). Overall it just took my whole understanding of what games could be capable of to a new level.

Prey 2 looked like it was going to continue that legacy, as a Blade Runner-esque action shooter with big balls and plenty of attitude. Unfortunately after being stuck in development hell, the whole project has now been cancelled. I don’t know what was going on behind the scenes that made finishing the game so problematic but come on! Come on! Prey 2! Pleeeease Bethesda! Remember when I made a video asking for a sequel to Oblivion and then you announced Skyrim? That was all me right? You had no plans for a sequel to the smash hit Oblivion until I made a rap video on YouTube, did you? OK maybe you did but anyway. PLEASE SAVE PREY 2 FROM NONEXISTENCE! #Pray4Prey2

Be sure to sign his petition!   We reached over 4000 signatures here in a year.  In just a few hours he’s easily passed 500!