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Did you even know? The whole Prey 2 development limbo thing was plenty mysterious. The game just kind of started taking awhile at one point, then some odd rumors began popping up and then everyone just sort of forgot it even existed. Well, in October of 2014, Bethesda finally acknowledged that the game had actually been canned, with their Pete Hines citing “quality standards” as the reason… That’s Bethesda stating that something isn’t up to their quality standards… That’s the maker of Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls stating that something isn’t up to their quality standards…




This news has been met with surprising indifference, which may partly be due to the fact that it didn’t surprise anyone but it is a pretty major fucking thing, if you think about it.

First of all, the original Prey was an awesome game. Second, yes it was. Third, Human Head Studios, the makers of the first game, claimed to be making the exact game they really wanted to make all along. Fourth, what they showed looked absolutely sexy. Finally, this cancellation came after some pretty disturbing rumors/speculation on what really went on behind the scenes. While, I take all manner of leaked info with a grain of salt, this instance got a little more believable after an ex Human Head dev followed the cancellation announcement with this juicy tweet:


tweetKeeping secrets should be illegal.

Bethesda is somewhat known for its’ douche-y practices, and this time, it seems that it might have cost us all a potentially kick-ass game. How are we letting it all slide so easily?