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Why make this website?

In December 2012, some Prey 2 fans hungry for news and concerned for Prey’s legacy, set about creating a place fans could gather to show support for the next chapter in this exciting series.

We posted a countdown to the formal launch hoping a few diehard fans might take notice. We were surprised and overwhelmed by the response, with 50,000 hits in the first 48 hours!

Prey 2 means a lot to many people. While we’re not an official site, we hope our efforts to research and include all known Prey 2 material will show the depth and value this game experience can offer to fans old and new.

Who wouldn’t want to play an open-world first-person shooter as a bounty hunter in an alien-noire setting?

We hope others feel the same way and drop by to show their support for the game.

What made you pick the name “Alien Noire”?

The developers frequently use “Alien Noire” to describe the city on Exodus.  It’s sometimes spelled as “Alien Noir” and to that point, you can also access this website at

PC PowerPlay issue #196

Why make a Countdown page?  Why didn’t you just open the website?

The website wasn’t ready at the time.  We also wanted to give fans something fresh to talk about while we finished it.  We didn’t anticipate the amount of interest and possible controversy it caused.

Why didn’t you say or post something to let people know it wasn’t an official site?

Once we realized how much Prey 2 was in the news again, it was decided to remain silent and focus on completing the website.  One of the core purposes of this website is generating interest in Prey 2′s status. To that extent, the Countdown was successful in creating a buzz around Prey 2 after a year of very little new information.

Why did you release daily screenshots during the last week of the Countdown?

We wanted to give something as a thanks to people who subscribed to our site.  We didn’t say we were going to present new material; we don’t have any.  While tracking down all the info out there on Prey 2, we came across a lot of video footage that had never been paused and studied.  It was the closest thing to finding new material and we wanted to share that brief moment of excitement.

What about that image of Exodus?  Was that also not official?

Correct, it wasn’t official.  Based on the descriptions the developers shared about the planet, we presented our interpretation of what it could look like.  Our enthusiasm and passion for the game fueled this fan art since it’s been so long since we’ve seen anything new.


The world is vast, Exodus a tidally locked planet, meaning that one side perpetually faces the sun with the other in the dark cold. The portion of Exodus we’re shown for this first-look demo is somewhere in the middle, eternally in the dusk. It’s in the Central City Bowery, the red light district of the world. It’s full of crime and grit, the perfect place for a criminal and great business for a bounty hunter.

Destructoid Prey 2 article by Nick Chester

The image was based on one of Greg Martin’s stunning art pieces.

Was the sunny city image not official as well?

This also wasn’t an official image.  Similar to our interpretation of the planet Exodus, we found existing art (by the highly talented artist Scott Richard) and pieced together a scene we thought the player would experience at this location.

Central City Sunset

As Samuels traverses the tidally locked planet, he’ll move through environments that are always bathed in sunlight, in perpetual darkness, and a seedy megacity…  “There’s different economic climates to those spaces,” adds Rhinehart. “The brighter side is a little bit more affluent.”

– PC PowerPlay #196, “Alien Noire” by Daniel Hindes

Will the Forum have any features added?

We’d like to improve a handful of things:  add a post “Like” or Promote-Demote button, a post editor for handling fonts, images, and links, the quintessential Quote option, and modifying the forum so it works with the responsive website design.

Do you have any plans on adding the original Prey game?

We do!  We have a lot of older Prey material and will slowly be adding to the website.  Our hope is to become the leading website for everything related with the Prey series.