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6 Games Stuck in Development Hell

Andy Farrant of Outside Xbox posted a video about six games missing in action. Making videos games isn’t an easy process and it takes time.  Once it starts to take too much time it drifts into the dreaded region as development hell, where production is never cancelled but doesn’t seem to go anywhere either. Sometimes […]

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5 Games That Are MIA

GameSkinny contributor Unepitaphed recently posted five interesting games in development with no recent news. 4. Prey 2 Announced back in 2011, this first-person shooter was originally being developed by Human Head Studios, but has been completely scrapped and is starting fresh with Arkane Studios. We don’t know a lot: There is a new protagonist named […]

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Development Hell Podcast

Video Game Break did a podcast about games stuck in development hell.  Among Half Life 3, Star Wars 1313, and Doom 4 is Prey 2.  Tons of games have difficulty in being finished.  Ones that are constantly considered in development hell are ones people still want to see finished and played.  It’s refreshing to see […]

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Stuck in Development Hell

What Culture spotlights 10 games stuck in development hell.  Lots of games have problems and difficulty that get no attention.  The fact that Prey 2 is on this list at #8 continues to enforce it’s a game people want to play! Prey was a 2006 release basing itself within the sci-fi shooter genre. Developed by […]

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PC Gamer’s 2014 Best

PC Gamer recently posted their most anticipated games for 2014. Prey 2 makes it onto page 5 of the list! Early previews of this game showed a tremendously appealing vertical slice of sci-fi opening world shooting, with the player taking on the role of a human air marshal accidentally transported to an alien planet during […]

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2014 Most Anticipated

William Petrou-Nunn at One Hit Pixel has a list of their most anticipated games for 2014. Prey 2 comes in at #18! Contributor Dan Jenko had this to say: Are Arkane, the developers behind Dishonored, working on it? Has it been moved to next-gen consoles? Heck, is it even in development? Prey 2′s development has been […]

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Promised… Never Arrived

Jonathan Lester at dealspwn wrote an article about projects promised in the last generation which never saw the light of day.  Of the dozen or so entries, Prey 2 was the second project mentioned. Prey 2 utterly smashed it at E3 2011. A sequel we’d never expected suddenly became one of the most impressive games […]

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Crushing Cancellations

This is the wrong type of Top-10 style list to be part of.  It does speak to the lasting impression of Prey 2, however. 9. Prey 2  Year of cancellation: 2012 (maybe) Prey 2 was to be the sequel to the amazing 2006 title, Prey. Both titles were in development by Human Head. Human Head […]

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TSA’s Top 100 of 2013 (recap)

An excerpt from The Sixth Axis’ recap article by Aran Suddi 38. Prey 2 The fate of Prey 2 is a complete mystery. Originally announced in 2011 the follow up to the 2006 original has had a bit of a weird development story around it, including cancellation rumours and alleged developer changes too. So let’s […]

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10 Cancelled Games

An excerpt from WhatCulture’s article 10 Cancelled Video Games That Would Have Been Awesome 2. Prey 2     Please watch the trailer above. I know, right? If you didn’t watch the trailer, what you missed is one of the most impressive video game trailers ever made. Yes, it’s CGI. However, the footage is entirely […]