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Prey Website Launched

.alien.noire. Presents Prey! We’ve launched a sister website devoted to the original Prey game! Expect to see a full history of it in the coming months. First up are some great trailers and interviews in our Video section!  

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Prey Trademark Extended

Gamespot recently wrote an article about Zenimax continuing their trademark rights to Prey. The interest in Prey 2 ebbs and flows in the wake of… well nothing new to look at for over a year.  Fan curiosity and frustration has been building up again judging from recent Twitter and Message Boards. It’s good a larger media […]

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You’ll find a growing spool of information in the coming months with Prey 2 and its predecessor, Prey.  If you have questions about the Alien Noire website, skip down to the Website FAQ. Petition There’s been a terrible lack of information from Bethesda over the past year about Prey 2.  Read our Petition and see […]

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History of a Troubled Series

Ryan King writes a really good article on the overall Prey game series entitled “What Happened to Prey 2? History of a Troubled Series”. Take time to give it a read! We sincerely hope that Prey 2 does find its way back to being released and doesn’t end up like the two scuffling aliens in […]

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Prey 1 Easter Egg in Rage!


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E3 Report

AWARD – FPS Guru’s Best of E3 2001 Award for Best Sequel! Prey 2 E3 2011 Preview E3 2011: Prey 2 Impressions. “By far the most impressive title we saw at this year’s E3 was Prey 2.“ Video preview (8 minutes in) Prey 2 Steeps in ‘Alien Noir’ Visuals and Red […]