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Fan Speed Art

Arizen78 posted his interpretation of Killian Samuels surveying the city from rooftop.

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Fan DeviantArt Icon

Ashish913 created a Prey 2 image featuring a Mimeren, Killian, and Majar Et!  You can download the icon files from his DeviantArt gallery.  

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Ceros Fan Art

Wanderlust over on Tumblr recently created this picture of a Ceros from Exodus I was psyched about Prey 2, and then that excitement crashed and burned when it became very apparent that the version of the game that I was looking forward to was never going to happen. In celebration of the game that will […]

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Fan Banners and Icons

Prey 2 Icons HarryBana’s DeviantART ni8crawler’s DeviantART Wolfangrual’s DeviantART Prey 2 Banners Chrism3215′s DeviantART OriginalBoss’ DeviantART lordmecca’s DeviantART

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Fan Wallpaper

paha13′s Prey 2 wallpaper from DeviantART! Source:

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Fan Commentary

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Fan-Edited Video

G.Owens uses Prey 2′s trailer for his Demo Reel in soundtrack dubbing:

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Prey 2 Windows 7 Skin

Mr-Blade’s Prey 2 Windows 7  theme includes:   Visual Style 6 Wallpapers Fonts Dock Skin Shell32.dll images Explorerframe images Explorere Orb Logon Sreen Sounds Schemes Cursors Download at:  

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Prey 2 Sign

~AcCreed’s Prey 2 sign from DeviantART! Source:

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Prey 2 Speed Art

Zehron’s Prey 2 speed art from DeviantART! Source: